Leadership Coaching

Participant Testimonials

“I always value an outside perspective and thought partner, and now is a time of great change and shift, so perfect to have a coach for it! Do it - so worth the time!”

“I think it has benefited me greatly to have eyes and ears from someone who is outside the district. The gift of reflection has helped me through this difficult time.”

“I wanted to learn more ways I can focus my work with staff around equity. This is a really strong program. I have not been coached in such a personalized way. I also am stretching some of the tasks/activities I am doing with my staff to be more explicit in how they support actions around equity.”


Educational Leadership Coaching

Highly-skilled school leadership is a key predictor of student achievement and critical to successful improvement efforts for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools. Leadership coaching is an effective form of professional learning because it is rooted in principles of adult learning and driven by the needs and context of the leader. It results in reflective, resourceful practitioners with agency to propel their own professional growth and capacity for transformational change. 21CSLA Regional Academy (RA) coaches provide job-embedded coaching built on relational trust and focused on equity-centered problems of practice using continuous improvement. Coaches also support leaders with system transformation and help participants seek root causes, connections, and relationships in order to eliminate the predictability of outcomes based on social or cultural identity markers, to ensure all children fulfill their potential to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

For the Field

Noelle Apostol Colin
Area 8 Lead

Area 8: 21CSLA Research
Provide individualized coaching that is built on relational trust, aligned to the CPSEL, focused on equity-centered problems of practice using continuous improvement principles.