Participant Testimonials from Research Webinars

“Leadership post-pandemic requires us to interrogate the systems that have not worked before. We need to center work on the experiences of our students and build school cultures that value and honor them.”

“I felt less isolation in my struggles of reimagining a more equitable and inclusive future for my students. Listening to others who are preoccupied with systemic questions of social justice.”

“Continually looking for ways to make our schools places that foster assets and arm our students with the real history of America and the contributions of ALL Americans pushes me to keep this at the front of my leadership role.”

Bridging Research and Practice

Both the practice and the research of leadership and leadership education have much to offer and to learn from the other. An important part of the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy is to bridge the gap between these two domains, so that not only research can inform practice but practice can inform research.

While the approach of “research-practice partnerships” is predominantly adopted at the level of school districts (Coburn, Penuel, and Farrell 2021), 21CSLA aims to embrace the same philosophy in bridging the research-practice gap for the state-wide endeavor. Accordingly, 21CSLA seeks to develop a collaborative relationship between researchers on the one hand and 21CSLA Center and Regional Academy teams and 21CSLA participants on the other. These efforts take the form of:

  1. increasing two-way communication between the two communities
  2. reinforcing educators’ inquiry practices and
  3. strengthening researchers’ generation of actionable implication from their research.

Our main activities include the following:

Research Advisory Council

Starting in 2021-22 school year:

Leadership Research Network

Research Practice Briefs

Moonhawk Kim
Area 5 Lead

Area 5: 21CSLA Research
Engage with the research community to develop Research Practice Partnerships that creates a 21CSLA research agenda.

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