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Key Research Projects

Resilient Leadership

  • Understanding Principal Resilience
    • Key Researchers: Chunyan Yang & Rebecca Cheung
    • GSRs: Meg Stomski, Elaine Luo
    • Methodology: Large scale multi-wave survey of practicing California school principals
    • Timeline: February 2021- June 2023
    • Related Studies & Resources:

Professional Learning for Equity Leaders

  • Understanding How Equity Leaders Learn in Community
    • Key Researcher: Aki Murata
    • GSRs: Xueqin Lin, Quennie Dong
    • Methodology: Observation and Interviews
    • Timeline: March 2021- June 2023
    • Related Studies & Resources:
      • Study that investigated how teachers learned about student learning, mathematics content, and teaching by following their changing talk path/patterns through lesson study: Murata, A., Bofferding, L., Pothen, B., Taylor, M., & Wischnia, S. (2012). Making connections among student learning, content, and teaching: Teacher talk pat in elementary mathematics lesson study. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 43(5). 616-650.
      • Study that examined how school leaders and districts interpreted a state policy regarding teacher professional development (lesson study), and how that supported teacher learning differently: Akiba, A., Murata, A., Howard C., Fabrega, J., & Wilkinson, B. (2019). Race to the top and lesson study implementation in Florida: District policy and leadership for teacher professional development. R. Huang & A. Takahashi. (Eds.). Theory and practices of lesson study in mathematics: An international perspective. NY: Springer. pp. 731-754.

  • Understanding Digitally-Mediated Professional Learning

  • Understanding the Role of Targeted Professional Learning for African American Male Leaders